The Hit Song – DJ Format (Feat Abdominal)

The Hit Song is taken from DJ Format’s 2003 debut album “Music for the Mature B-boy”.

Featuring Abdominal.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer.

DJ Format’s comments:
This was the 2nd video from my 1st album and Ruben was given a bigger budget after the success of ‘We Know Something..’
We had a lot of fun making this video and i was persuaded to dress up & play several favourite was the ‘german surfing fetish websites’.
A couple of my oldest friends didn’t realise we were just being ironic with the over-the-top end scene with the scantily clad girls and really thought i’d turned into a wanna-be jiggy rap star!
When we got chatting with the girls(after our initial awkwardness) it turned out that 3 of them were celebrating their birthdays,one was the daughter of Felix Cavaliere(of ’60s legends The Rascals) and one was previously a man.
Rock ‘n’ Roll!

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Comment on the video by Ruben Fleischer:

“After the concealed identities (of ‘We Know Something You Don’t Know’), we decided it would be good to have an actual performance video, so we flew Abs and Matt out to LA to make a video, which is pretty literal to his rhymes but stylised through the use of motion graphics. I worked with two amazingly talented animators – John Fan & Christian Decastro – and we made the whole video in a very gruelling two week period. We worked round the clock and really busted ass to make this as good as we could.”

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