Separated at Birth – DJ Format (feat Abdominal and D-sisive)


Taken from DJ Format’s 2005 album “If You Can’t Join ‘Em… Beat ‘Em”.

Featuring Canadian MCs Abdominal and D-sisive.

Video directed by Hugo Ramirez (Nobody-Paris,France)

DJ Format’s comments:
Me,Abs & D-sisive were on a UK tour when this video was being made so Hugo brought a team from France to meet us mid-tour and photographed our various facial expressions in the street outside Birmingham Academy. These images were then added to the toy figures in the cars and the lip-synching was added to fun effect! It always fondly reminded me of Adam & Joe’s classic sketches when they superimposed their mouths onto Star Wars figures.

This was the last official video made for any of my songs and it’s a shame that it wasn’t made in time to be included on the CD/DVD double pack version of “If You Can’t Join ‘Em… Beat ‘Em” as i really love this video. I remember MTV saying they loved the video but complained that they couldn’t really play it because it was ‘Too Hip Hip for their alternative shows’ and ‘Too alternative for their Hip Hop shows’ ..Surely good music is good music and a good video is a good video? That reminds me of how Zane lowe apparently loved the record but his radio show producer didn’t like it and wouldn’t let him play it!? I don’t know if either story is true but after my little insight into the world of that fickle world, i can’t help but believe both.

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