Music For The Mature B-Boy – DJ Format


Music For The Mature B-BoyDJ Format – Genuine Records 2003


A1 B-Boy Intro
A2 The Hit Song
Featuring – Abdominal
A3 Skit 1
A4 Last Bongo In Brighton (Remix)
B1 We Know Something You Don’t Know
Featuring – Akil, Chali 2Na
B2 Here Comes The Fuzz
B3 B-Boy Code Pt. 2
Featuring – Fatski
C1 Vicious Battle Raps
Featuring – Abdominal
C2 Skit 2
C3 Charity Shop Sound Clash
Featuring – Aspects
C4 Panpipes & Mics
Featuring – Majesta, Mick Strace, Spye
D1 Little Bit Of Soul
D2 Ill Culinary Behaviour
Featuring – Abdominal
D3 English Lessons (Remix)
D4 Skit 3

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