The story behind the Statement of Intent album sampler

After a lot of hard work and a lot of fun, my new album Statement of Intent is ready to be released on Feb 27th 2012.

This album sampler video gives you a little taste of the album but I could only include snippets from 8 songs so there’s so much more to enjoy on the album in full. The video was created using animated graffiti art by Paintshop Studio and filmed and edited by Jeff Metal so I’m very grateful to those guys for the amazing job they did for me. I did a 1 hour mix of old Hip Hop & B-boy breaks etc to help lauch the new website for Paintshop Studio so keep an eye out for announcements here as my mix will be going live soon when their website is ready.

I’m currently busy putting together my new live show with The Simonsound which we will be touring from March onwards. Such is the state of the music business nowadays that I can no longer do a tour over a 2-3 week period hitting all the major cities every night of the week. I now find myself, like most DJ’s/artists, having to mostly play on Friday & Saturday nights as it’s hard to find the right clubs/venues to play midweek, let alone fill those venues when everyone is skint. As a result, it’s not possible for me to involve MC’s in my upcoming tour. While I would love to have had Sureshot La Rock on stage with me to perform our songs live, it’s just not possible, financially or logistically, as he lives in the States. Instead I’m putting together a great audio/visual show with Simon James (The Simonsound) that includes quite a lot of my old songs, a lot of songs from my new album, and also a lot of songs that me & Simon made together as The Simonsound. For those of you that don’t know, The Simonsound consists of Simon and myself, and last year we released our debut album Reverse Engineering so please check us out if you haven’t already.¬†

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