DJ Format & The Simonsound Live A/V Show Sampler


Here’s a little taster of what to expect at the new live Audio/Visual show that DJ Format & The Simonsound are currently touring around the UK and Europe to promote the long awaited new DJ Format album Statement of Intent.
Format starts the show on the turntables cutting up some of his better known songs before being joined by Simon on the Moog Synthesizer and an armory of electronic effects. Here they take you away on a musical journey from Hip Hop & Funk to spaced out electronics. The music is accompanied by synchronised visuals that sample moments from classic B-Boy footage, tripped-out animation and carefully chosen visual oddities in a cut ‘n’ paste style that is completely in tune with the music.
The music itself consists mostly of songs from DJ Format’s first two albums, his new album  Statement of Intent and also songs from The Simonsound’s album Reverse Engineering that Simon & Format made together in 2010.
The video footage was filmed at the launch party on Friday 2nd March 2012 at The Concorde 2, Brighton but the sound was replaced with practice recordings from home due to sound quality issues on the actual video recording.

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  1. Frederic RUIZ |

    Hello Matt

    My name is Fred, 46 yrs old, financial consultant, 2 teenage daughters and a long taste for music, over 2000 CD’s worth of rock, electro, hop hop, jazz, funk, blues, classical you name it.
    Also had a brief and local Dj career, let us say the music scene is all the better for it since I quit.
    And I own all your records – dutifully paid for I should add. I first ran into your music in a bar, I was waiting for a colleague who was late so I ordered a beer and the sound immediately caught my attention. I asked the barman to show me the record sleeve and the next day I bought Music for the Mature B Boy – just brilliant.
    Honestly, I am not a nostalgic nor a bitter old timer, but your stuff is among the very best I have uncovered this past decade.

    That being said: I live in Geneva (I actually am from that place) and went to your gig last night with a couple of friends. Now given my ancient age, family situation and the fact that I do more than the 9 to 5 shift in front of my Bloomberg screen (and work on Saturday mornings – I own a small bistrot) , it takes a lot to bring me out, but the promise of seeeing you live did bring me out (I had to leave early though around 1.45 PM since I was looking at barely 4 hrs of sleep and a 40 minute bicycle ride back home)

    First of all, shame about the turnout – really.
    However, let me just say, dont take it personally: the combination of close to 40 straight days of downpour over the city and a very brutal recession has taken its toll on the social scene this spring. Restaurant, bars, clubs, you name it – ghost town. It’s not Greece, but its quite brutal. I had two people at my estaurant for lunch today- I usually average 20 to 30. So keep the spirit regardless !!

    Now the show: brilliant.
    I have always loved the music, crisp beats & scratches coupled with seamless flows and smart lyrics, with that pinch of psychedelic 60’s funky jazz to top it all off. And great graphics
    Id never seen your act live though.
    First of all, heavy quantitative work: you guys are true professionals and true artists, I can see you work hard and try to bring a real & global artistic concept to the table. The visuals are outstanding. The sound is distinctively clear, the scratching is tops, the record selection flawless. You guys put in a great effort, you love what you do and it shows – and it’s just very rare nowadays, no matter what the profession.
    I loved your energy and the way you are able to communicate a refreshing spirit and a touch of humour – and this regardless of the size of the crowd.

    I see you’re now off to the home base and I hope and trust you guys will get an enthusiastic reception. You certainly deserve it. I spend my weekdays with people making good six figure income – recognized as true professionals – and they dont have a tenth your dedication, creativity, enthusiasm or professsionalism.

    Keep up the good work and pass the message to your mate Simon.

    Take care Matt



    BTW, I dont know whether Geneva is now on your alltime blacklist, but they have a very decent and popular electro festival, perhaps you want to give it anothet try ?

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